For a while, I was Small, Drunk, and Bitchy; then one thing led to another, and I decided (well, needed) to get sober. A year and some change later, this blog came about as a cathartic way to get my feelings on anxiety, depression, and what it’s like to stay sober through it all, out of my head and into the open, with the hope that maybe my story can in some way help someone out there. While the term “lifestyle blog” makes me cringe, I guess that’s what this is, in that’ I’m writing about what I know best – my own damn life.

“Cloud arms” is a term of endearment that I’ve given one of the physical symptoms I experience during a panic attack – it’s the feeling of having limbs that are neglecting to make their presence known, or that they’re light as air, and are extremely difficult to use. Assigning a ridiculous or lighthearted handle to this rather unpleasant feeling, I’ve found, has given me a bit more power over what’s happening to me during such episodes, and anyone with an anxiety disorder can tell you, that’s a blessing when there seems to be no hope of control at all in sight.